A Love Story {Not To Tell}: Guarding the hearts of foster and adoptive children

  • September 2, 2014
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Dear beautiful friend, ministry leader, pastor, neighbor, parent, and extended family members,

This is a {love} note to you, and me, about the precious souls we love and serve who embody the term “the least of these”, but who are embraced as the GREATEST in the eyes of the King.

We are honored to have been entrusted with a chapter in the story of their lives. We must honor them. We must honor their {birth} families. We must honor their {inherited} families. We must honor the Father…not only through our generosity, our passion, our servant-leadership, and our love, but through our respect.

Their stories are their stories, given to them by a Sovereign and gracious God who redeems ALL things, for His glory and their good. Their stories are hard stories. They are messy stories. They are painful stories. And they are beautifully-broken stories.

{But, really, aren’t all of our stories the same? And they all should be handled with care.}

Let’s just ask Jesus for wisdom. Let’s be so very careful with the story of another. These are their stories to tell, not ours. Though we were created to be relational and we long to connect at the deepest of levels with those we serve and care for, we should not feel the liberty to give voice to the {hard, messy, painful, broken} details of another’s story, at least not until they and their families give us the grace to do so.

Personally, I am trying to remember it like this: What parts of my own story would I be comfortable having someone else share with total strangers, even if those strangers are kind, compassionate, gracious, and really great at pointing others to Jesus? My answer would go something like this:

If it is truly good {and it makes much of Jesus}, please feel free to share it with others. But if it is in the least bit painful or hurtful to me or someone in my family, I would prefer no one share and no one know…not because I am ashamed, but because I know my aim in Christ must be authenticity. To be {truly} authentic, I must see my story through the lens of Gospel reality…for the glory of the one who turns ashes into beauty and mourning into dancing.

And that can be quite a long, and deeply pruning process.

Theirs are {Cross-bearing} stories that we must nurture and protect and hold as sacred. They should be kept safe and shared first by the ones to whom, and for whom, they were penned.

In the meantime, let’s serve authentically and be gratefully content with being a small, but significant chapter in these precious souls’ Love stories, written by the greatest Storyteller {and Secret Keeper} of all times.

And maybe, just maybe, when the ones we serve and care for do wholeheartedly embrace their stories, we will have the honor and joy of re-telling them from the rooftops, to the Glory of God, who redeems ALL things!

{Love} always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. {1 Cor. 13:7-8}

Because of Grace,


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