Awaken the World to Orphan Care With a Year-End Gift

  • December 12, 2014
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There are 153 million orphans in our world today. These represent the motherless, the fatherless, and for over 17 million children, total parental absence. In the United States alone, there are over 400,000 children living in foster care. Current trends show more children entering foster care than exiting. Altar84 has been committed to advocating, educating, and resourcing God’s people in order to make a significant impact on the “least of these” – the vulnerable, the orphan. Through our efforts we have seen the boundless opportunity to continually become the answer we were intended to be.

Altar has answered in 3 ways:

1. AltarCare is equipping local churches to establish Gospel-centered orphan care ministries. We believe orphan care is done best when the church understands it’s just as much about discipleship as it is evangelism. It’s not a selection – not a choice – but a combination. We want to see the church equipped in such a way that they are caring for families who are adopting, fostering, or doing some other forms of orphan care – well.
2. AltarWorks is Empowering Local Churches to Do the Work of Orphan Care Locally and Globally. Orphan-care ministry is meant to be hands-on. Altar is committed to helping churches both identify the needs of orphans and vulnerable children both locally and globally; and furthermore become effective at meeting these needs.
3. AltarNetworks is Working Together for the Sake of the Orphan. We want to network likeminded churches, families, and organizations so that we can together be equipped to care for orphans in our cities, states, nations, and around the world.  Altar84 facilitates events like the KNOW More Orphans Conference for individuals, churches, and organizations to come together and learn.

Will you join us?

Will you help us awaken our churches, our friends, our families, and our world to orphan care? We invite you to become woven into our story though prayer and support. With your sponsorship, we can make ready God’s people and truly Know More about Orphan Care to get to NO More Orphans. Click HERE for information on our giving goal and how your money can translate to HOPE and care for the living, breathing multitudes of orphans – waiting on us.