Awaken to Needs in Haiti Through the Go Green in Haiti Initiative

  • December 22, 2014
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Orphan-care ministry is meant to be hands-on. This is one of the reasons why Altar84 is committed to empowering God’s people to do the work of orphan care both locally and globally. We desire to help God’s people both identify the needs of orphans and vulnerable children and become effective at meeting these needs.

Projects like the Go Green in Haiti Initiative perfectly illustrates just one way we’re working together to weave a tapestry of hope across borders – with one goal – caring for the hopeless. Go Green in Haiti is a multi-organizational effort to empower 1,600 Haitian orphans with changed lives to change the world. Go Green in Haiti focuses primarily on empowering Haitians leaders by increasing capacity and diminishing vulnerabilities. We desire to see systemic and lasting change not just to individuals but also to the structures and systems manifesting the brokenness and corruption that comes from a broken world.

We can and will accomplish this through strategic partnerships. We believe building strategic partnerships will be key to this project. Simply put, you play a role in the success of this project. With your support we will be able to equip our Haitian leaders with the necessary tools and resources they need to care for their communities. We are prayerful that with your support in early 2015 we will be able to put in place a multi-phase approach that provides the holistic support these communities need to move from relief to development and then to reform. We desire to see these communities truly transformed in such a way they are self-sustaining and self-supporting.


As part of our Year End Awaken Campaign we are raising funds for 2 specific needs in Haiti. Will you help us make these a reality?

1. Playground for Orphans in Desarmes -$10,000

At this point, all we are able to provide is a small open field for the children to play. While we are truly thankful for this field, we want to transform this field into a place where the children can run free, have fun, and escape from their present realities.

2. Land for Orphan Teen Training Center – $30,000

Currently in Desarmes, we are land-locked. In order to have enough space for our training center, we need to purchase a piece of property directly behind us. Thankfully the owner of the land has agreed to sell. All that is needed is the funding to make this purchase.

Help us with this project!

Below is a video of our Executive Director Johnny Grimes talking about his experience in Haiti and why we have parterned with The Haiti Collective.