Haiti, Healthcare and The Church

  • July 27, 2015
  • Blog

Altar84 has a deep desire to see our Haitian brothers and sisters resourced, equipped and empowered to care for their orphaned and vulnerable children…and care for them well. Alongside our friends at The Haiti Collective we have been working on building systems and process that with do just that. We are in the process of equipping, training, and resourcing our Haitian partners to care for the 1,500+ Haitian orphans in their care with changed lives to change the world. We focus primarily on empowering these Haitians by increasing capacity and diminishing vulnerabilities. We desire to see systemic and lasting change not just to individuals but also to the structures and systems manifesting the brokenness and corruption that comes from a broken world.

We will accomplish this through what we are calling our Go Green in Haiti Initiative. This is a multi-phase approach that provides the holistic support these communities need to move from relief to development and then to reform. We desire to see these communities truly transformed in such a way they are self-sustaining and self-supporting, to the glory of God.

This past May, Altar84 took a huge step in launching this multi-phase approach with the launching of a full-scale healthcare initiative. It is our goal to help create a program that is administered and maintained by members of SCH through development, proper training and equipping while maintaining a Gospel Centered approach by sharing the love of Christ both verbally and in action (Preach and Heal).

To date medical care has been provided but it has been infrequent due to lack of funding, efficient systems and processes, and solid partnerships. With our new multi-organizational partnerships we now have access to the personnel who can provide not only the care but also the resources needed. We have committed that in 2015 we will have in place the funding and systems we need to provide solid medical care for all of our children.


Our goals for this new Healthcare Initiative is to provide high quality medical care that includes:

  • Vaccinations
  • Medical Screenings
  • Emotional Health Screenings
  • Vision Screenings
  • Dental Screenings
  • Treatment and Management of Pathology when Identified

This first trip was a huge step in the right direction. We were able to evaluate and treat around 400 children, test our system, start the training process of our Haitian leaders, and build our medical closest. Our next trip is October 15th-19th and on this trip will continue evaluating the children, training leaders, and building capacity to our systems and processes. The reality is we will not be able to do this without your prayers and support.


Please pray for our Haitian Leaders as they continue to work towards building effective systems and processes in caring for their children. Please pray for us as we continue to build our program, raise funds, and gather partners’ equipment and medicines. Also, please prayerfully consider giving towards this program. 100% of your gifts will go to fund The Go Green in Haiti Initiative. Lastly, consider joining us on a trip. If you’re a medical professional we would love to connect with you and figure out how we can partner in this endeavor.


Below is a short video that explains why Altar84 is committed to working in Haiti. Please contact us at Jgrimes@altar84.org about being apart of whats going on in Haiti.