More than Love: Adopting and Surviving Attachment Disorder Children Paperback – July 10, 2001


MORE THAN LOVE is a candid account of contrasting emotions – hope and lost hope, joy and despair, perseverance and helplessness that resulted from parenting three Attachment Disorder adopted boys. It also describes the adoptive parents frustration at the system for not providing the help they were promised prior to the adoption. The book takes the reader through the emotional roller coaster experienced by both of the adoptive parents as they searched for answers from therapists, psychologists, social workers, clergy, teachers, friends, and family. It also provides explicit details of the boys deviant behaviors and describes the behaviors observed by outsiders. Others only witnessed charming, sweet, and “good” boys. Unfortunately, children with attachment problems are experts at manipulation and often dupe others, including those trained to detect such deceitfulness. Tragically, these adoptive parents finally had no choice but to let go of the boys in order to protect their family, friends, and society.

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