Eric co-founded Altar84 in 2011 along with his wife, Jodie, and their dear friends.  He has a passion for inspiring and developing leaders, from his role as the Business Development Leader at Waynes, a regional service company, to his roles as Father, Husband, Chairman of Altar84 and Orphan Care Ministry leader at Hunter Street Baptist Church.  Eric’s desire is to honor God’s call to care for the least of these, not only in his own family, but through preparing and equipping the Church to respond generously.

Jodie leads in various roles at Altar84 and their Orphan Care Ministry, and she currently homeschools their 3 funny, loud, and beautiful boys.  From an early age, she has had  a deep passion and concern for children, especially those who were underprivileged, which led her to major in Early Childhood Development.  In 2008, the Lord tested Jodie and Eric’s faith as never before and, in the months to follow, she {learned to}embrace what it really meant to “sing in the dark”.  Jodie considers loving and serving the least of these, the family and the Church, a high calling that will forever keep her singing and serving before the one and only Altar, Jesus Christ.