Stretched and Broken FULL, Part 2

  • August 1, 2012
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Lesson #3: It is in the deep waters of faith that the most spectacular miracles happen.

Lesson #4: Our breaking is meant to bring us to the end of ourselves, and reach out for help.

Like many of you, those of us at Altar84 have been stretched and broken full by “getting into the boat” of caring for the least of these.  And today’s {GUEST} post is no exception…it is a story from the adoption journey of one of our board members and his wife.  Please pray for them and ask the Lord how YOU may come alongside of this family as they reach out to the Body of Christ for help.

From Sorrow to Joy in 24 Hours

I can’t really put into words the range of emotions Courtney and I have experienced over the past 2 weeks. Just over two weeks ago we found out that Courtney was pregnant. We were completely surprised and very happy about this news. In the midst of great joy came the fear of the unknown. We were unsure of how this news would affect our adoption process. One thing was sure, however, and that was that we still felt very strongly about adopting Penelope.

We soon made a doctors appointment to make sure that everything was normal. To make a long story short, in a matter of 5 days it was confirmed to us that it was not a healthy pregnancy and was a miscarriage. It’s hard to describe the feeling of loss that we were feeling (and are still feeling). We were confused, frustrated, angry, and heart broken.

It wasn’t 24 hours later when I got an email saying there was an infant girl in Ethiopia who needs a family. We reluctantly read over the email and also got to see the beautiful picture of this little girl. We talked with the agency and God confirmed to us both that this is what we should do. Over the past few days God has shown us how sovereign His plans are and that His timing is perfect. Through all of this the Lord has taught us a great deal in regards to faith in Him and His will. The Lord, even in the midst of pain and sorrow, is working all things together for our good and His glory.

So it is with great joy I write and tell you that Courtney and I accepted a referral and in a matter of months we will have our new daughter home. I know many of you are as surprised as we are. We had to move fast and make a decision, which was very nerve racking, but we made the decision to move forward with this.

She is a beautiful 8-month-old girl! Here is a brief summary of how we came about receiving this referral.  We were one of about 12 families on the waiting list of a smaller organization.  Due to most of this agency’s families not being paper ready and the others wanting boys, we were presented with the opportunity to adopt this girl.  After much prayer and consideration we decided to do it.

However, this also meant we would have to switch agencies. This was the most difficult part in the decision. We have invested so much time and money with our other agency and have enjoyed working with them greatly. But the reality is that we are still so far down the waiting list. The way things are moving we feel we would be waiting a year if not longer just to get a referral from them, so we accepted this one instead.

Switching agencies creates all kinds of frustration but it’s something we have to do. Here are the challenges that we face. First, we have to move fast. The courts close for the rainy season in a few weeks so we want to get our paperwork done and in country so we can get a court day ASAP. Second, we have to redo our dossier, which is a headache all in itself. Third, we have to pay 17,750 dollars this week.

17,750 dollars is a huge number and to be honest, this scares us greatly. Thankfully, our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He can and will provide everything we need to make this happen. 4,950 of that is the agency fee and 12,800 is the Ethiopia Program Fee. Switching agencies does mean that it’s going to cost us a lot more than we originally planned. It looks like it’s going to cost us between 38,000-40,000 when it’s all said and done. Penelope is worth every penny and a million more!

The Grimes Family

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Because of His Great Love,

the Altar84 team