Treasure in the Sand

  • September 12, 2012
  • Blog

As much as I would like to say that adoption is always fun and easy, I just simply can’t. This message has been on my heart to share for quite some time now, but I haven’t felt qualified to do so since we have not even brought home our first adopted child, yet. I am, however, qualified to say that the waiting stage is HARD! And, I have several friends who are home with sweet adopted children, some who have been home for years, and they still struggle through difficult days and seasons.

Please hear me: the last thing I want to be is a Debbie Downer, but I do want to be real and transparent. I think we have painted this “picture perfect” view of adoption and I’m afraid it may be misleading. Another point to mention is that we can and likely will struggle raising biological children, as well. The good news is, ALL children, adopted and biological, are a gift from God and He will never forsake us as parents. He will carry us through every struggle and guide us with His wisdom. He will be the love we need when it just doesn’t come natural and the strength we need when the hard road seems endless.  He is our hope!  Our only HOPE!  He is always our TREASURE!

One day, I hope to be able to share the beautiful and the ugly truth of being on the other side of this “waiting stage”. The past year of my life has been a time of preparing.  One thing God has made clear during this wait is that He desires for us to be real. So here I am being real about what I know so far.

I know that God loves the orphan. He loves His church and desires for us to be instruments through which He brings justice to every single orphan. More than anything, though, God desires His Glory!  I also know that Satan hates adoption and he seeks to destroy every attempt to redeem the life of a fatherless child.

When combining the spiritual warfare that accompanies the adoption of a child, and God orchestrating a masterpiece of His glory, timelines may not quite look like we expect and life with our new family may not always feel like we thought it would either. At least this has been my family’s experience so far. Wait times get extended, governments change the way they process cases, and it’s easy to feel as though there is no end in sight.

The last two years of my family’s life could be best described as the most exciting and the most discouraging years, all at the same time. When we said “yes” to adoption, we never dreamed that bringing a child home from a third world country would take this long, and be this painful on our hearts. Many days have seen my mind filled with doubt, my faith faltering, and my eyes filled with tears. But I must say, God has been faithful every step of the way. His Word has been my strength and portion. He has shown me things about Himself I would’ve missed with out this weary season. He has pruned my heart in ways that were painful and caused me to come face to face with strongholds that needed to be removed for the sake of His glory and my good. He also richly blessed me with a support system of dear friends that have journeyed in prayer right by my side. Just today I reached out to them in need and my strength was renewed by their sweet encouraging words straight from God’s Word. One of my sisters reminded me that our God never changes. Everything in our situation may change, but He never changes! He is still the God that loves, cares and performs miracles.

But you, O God, do see trouble and grief; you consider it to take it in hand. The victim commits himself to you; you are the helper of the fatherless.” – Psalm 10:14

Many days over the past two years I have cried out to God, needing to be reminded of His love and faithfulness. He never fails me! Earlier this summer, our family went on our annual beach vacation. Several things about our adoption had our hearts heavy and we were all praying for a few specific details surrounding our situation. I went to the beach prepared to spend time being still and listening to God since I had spent the previous week asking for some clear direction. I just needed Him to confirm that He was listening and He had the perfect plan.

On our first full day there, Shawn and I were walking the beach with our kids, collecting sea shells. Shawn walked out where the water was just over his ankles and dug deep into the sand coming up with two hands full of sand, shells and something that caused my kids (whose little eyes were searching for a treasure in his hands) to yell, “Look, its Africa!”  I could not believe my eyes! He had done it! God had reminded me that He loves, he cares, and He is always faithful.

Have you ever seen a seashell that looks like THIS?

I’m convinced, God placed that on the shore of the Gulf coast as a love note to our family. I could not imagine this journey with out the sweet goodness of Jesus. He is our treasure and this journey is about HIM and HIS Glory. The fact that we even get to be a part of His plan, is an honor.

Until there’s NO more,