Why I Adopt {the second half* of the story}

  • July 18, 2013
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We are honored and overjoyed to share a Guest Post from our beautiful friend, Sara Hagerty.   Sara is the wife of Nate, who said “yes when the Lord said go…who would patiently lead (Sara) off the precipice of her fears in order that she might have an encounter with trust.” 

And together, they have “four whose birth canal bridge the expanse between the United States and Africa…who are their living, breathing reminders of the faithfulness of Jesus.”

From Every thing Bitter is Sweet: Why I Adopt {the second half of the story}

We wait under fluorescent lights for the girls to file in. Though there are some new faces each month, the veterans’ familiarity with us sets all the girls at ease. They know what to expect this night, these children of routine and rhythm, whose variables have been eliminated so that they might have one last chance at childhood peace.

They bound in, freshly showered — though many of them with hair in knots. Their locks are missing a mama’s touch.

All are dressed for bed but with hearts ready for play.

We’ve been instructed not to hug or hold, as touch has been a weapon wielded against many of these innocents. We’ve come somewhat in stealth to this secular institution — missionaries with His Word hidden, thumping, in our hearts, waiting to offer even just a morsel of life to children who casually say things like “I’m never getting out of here” and “I want my mommy back.”

The whole thing feels so surreal, each time I go. We laugh and dance and sing and I have to separate myself from the part of me that feels, deeply, the story of another in order to do pirouettes and make small talk and color. We all do.

Sometimes we catch another’s eyes — these women with whom I spend the other three Wednesday nights of the month, fanning the flame of our hunger for Him in a basement with Bible’s and hearts so often cracked — with a look that says: how can you even take in all this pain in one room? 

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Because the LORD is my Daddy too,


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